Bestway is a popular and reputable company that is known for making backyard pools. These easy-to-set-up backyard Bestway pools can make hot summer months much more enjoyable. They have a great variety of models to pick, including pools with different sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Choosing the top Bestway pool for your house depends on the number of people who will often use the pool, the space available, and personal preferences. We have listed down the top 5 Bestway pools that will help you pick the best model for you.

Bestway 56463 Steel Pro Frame Pool Set, 18' x 48'
161 Reviews
Bestway 56463 Steel Pro Frame Pool Set, 18' x 48"
If you are looking for a top Bestway pool that is extra-large and durable, this model will be a recommended option. 

Weighing 220 pounds and made of 3-ply polyester and sturdy PVC material, this pool set is also resistant to rust and corrosion. For the pool users’ additional protection and safety, this top Bestway pool also includes a pool cover and ladder. In addition, customers have recommended this model because of the straightforward installation process. 

This model has a large water capacity, and it can be quite deep; hence it is most suitable for a small family with kids and a couple of adults

Bestway 56477E Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground 24ft x 12ft x 52in Backyard Frame Pool Set | for Families, 24' x 12' x 52'
202 Reviews
Bestway 56477E Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground 24ft x 12ft x 52in Backyard Frame Pool Set | for Families, 24' x 12' x 52"
For endless summer fun, this large model of Bestway pool is another top pick among customers for a large outdoor space. It boasts many amazing features such as a robust steel tube frame, seal and lock system that prevents leakages from water pressure, no chemical floaters, and a straightforward installation process with no tools needed.

As one of the highest-rated options on the market, it is perfect for a large gathering of family and friends. Also included together in the set is a 52-inch ladder, sand filter, ground cloth, and a cover to protect the pool.

H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange
357 Reviews
H2OGO! Splash-in-Shade Play Pool Orange
This Bestway pool model has a number of interesting features. These include a UV-blocking shade in a mix of yellow and orange colors, a water sprayer on the top of the shade, which has a quick-connect fitting, and durable steel frames that is resistant to rust. The pool walls are made of Tritech materials and two layers of durable PVC, making it a lightweight and robust material. Hence you can be rest assured there will not be leakages. All of the different parts are easy to assemble without any other tools, and the shades are also removable if needed. 

This top Bestway pool has a big capacity and shallow depth, making it suitable for kids who are learning how to paddle. The extra canopy shade is also great as it provides some shelter from the sun

Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42in Power Steel Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Pump
216 Reviews
Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42in Power Steel Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Pump
For a reasonably sized pool that is above ground, sturdy, and built to last for a lifetime, this is a top Bestway pool to consider. The pool measures 21 x 51 x 17.3 inches and has a weight of 196 pounds. Unlike normal inflatable pools, this model features additional stability. It has all the features and materials that make it very durable and robust, such as tritech material, two layered PVC, strong steel tube framing and powder coating material which resists rust and corrosion. 

This top Bestway pool is also easy to maintain thanks to its chemical-connect features.  Thus, you won’t need to worry about pool maintenance. As it is an above ground pool, there is also a ground cloth included to ensure an added barrier between the lawn and the pool.

Fast Set 12' x 36' Pool Set
218 Reviews
Fast Set 12' x 36" Pool Set
While this option may not be as deep as some of the other options on the list, it is still one of the top Bestway pools to consider as it is easy to set up and everyone can cool down together. It is perfect for those who are searching for their very first swimming pool for the house. 

To set up this model, simply inflate the top ring and fill it with water, making it a very practical option. Similar to the other Bestway pools, this choice is made of robust PVC and 3-ply polyester side walls.


Bestway is known to innovate and make high-quality pools that are built to last. If you love being able to go to your backyard and swim without going to the beach, then getting one of these top Bestway pools is a great idea to experience swimming under the sun.


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