You do not have to placate your conscience anymore. With the amount of stress in the world right now, that extra bit of serenity and comfort have become a must-have to keep one’s sanity.

How better then, than with a cozy hot tub, in your favorite spot of the house, while alone and drowning yourself in some music or with family or friends, crackling out laughter on some drinks.

Your best inflatable hot tub must be able to afford you this “once-luxury-now-necessity.” Features to look out for include a maximum capacity for 4 – 6 persons, mobility, ease of setup, and durability.

You will find your best inflatable hot tub right here. Let us dive in.


You do not have to worry about social distancing, contact with strangers, or long trips to the spa. Your inflatable hot tub allows you to pamper yourself in your comfort zone, sharing good times with loved ones.

Since you would be spending between $350 -$1000 on one, there is a need to make sure that they will be available to hold you down for years to come. Look out for a comfortable but quality build, with no leaks or breaks. Make sure the capacity fits your needs just right and blows enough bubbles to keep your mood light.

Whoever said the home is boring does not have an inflatable hot tub!

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